Tangible telling

Workshops og Teambuilding

Number of participants: 3 - 300 personer.  Duration 4 - 6 Hours.

Location: can be your workplace or any venue you have booked.



What i offer


  • 6 hours
  • 3-300 participants


An animationworkshop is a creative and very involving way of working together. It also works as a short cut to your creative potential, your ideas and the solution to specific challenges your company might face.

Plasticine is a fantastic material and it does something to people as soon as they get their hands on it.

It´s so intuitive to work with, easy to transform and appealing. Everybody gets playing in no time.

Combined with a narrative and you end up with  a bubbly cocktail of creativity.

Everybody becomes indulged in creating, telling stories and they loose themselves in the process.

It´s that indulgence that makes the paticipants dive into their own creativity and come up with creative solutions to challenges. your company might be facing

The workshops can take place at your company or at a venue you´ve booked.  You also have the possibility of having the workshop  at https://syddanskeforskerparker.dk/afdelinger/pakhuset/  where i am situated.


  • 4 hours
  • 3-300 participants


Making animationfilm demands great co-workings skills and a strong sense of being part of a team. It´s a complex workproces with many job functions that need to be unified to succeed.

Co-creations happen automatically when the participants are indulged in the joint project.


The practical Stuff

I supply all the materials for the workshop, including a specially designed mobile animation studio for each group of five participants.


 We will see all the finished films together at the end of the workshop and you will also receive them via mail, so you can share them with friends and family.


All you need to provide is one mobile phone or ipad per group of five participants.





Special requests:

I would be happy to costumize the event for your needs, so just contact me and we will find the best option for you.


The animationsuitcase has become Animakey!

I have sold the rights to my animationssuitcase to spilværk , and we´re still prototyping -so the final Animakey comes into trade in 2019. It will a lasercut version that´s more duable for hours of animated fun.

There´s been a lot of interest and you´re welcome sign up for the lastet news. Scroll down on this page to sing up:  http://animakey.dk/

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want to meet up for a coffee?

I am happy to meet up and show you how it all works

Call me on: 29 82 04 51

Who´s behind it all?

My background:

I have 25  years of experience with stop motion, illustration and modelmaking.

I have illustrated published childrens books, build a huge dragon for Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, worked as a modelmaker on Chicken Run by Aardman and animated on Postman Pat. I am a TEDx speaker and have worked from  my own company since 2012.

I graduated as an illustrator from  Designschool Kolding, Denmark  and since then trained as a stop-motion animator at Aardman Animation /University of West of England. Aardman Animation is known for Shaun The Sheep , Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. I was part of the british animation industry for four years, before returning to Denmark.

Back in Denmark i have worked as a guest-tutor at Designschool Kolding and as a folk high school teacher in charge of the design and animation department at Vallekilde and as creative consultant at Nicolai for Børn - The Childrens Culture House in Kolding, Denmark.


Here are some of the organisations and companies who have booked my workshops:




Novo Nordisk A/S


”Thank you so much for an amazing workshop yesterday.

We´ve got very positive feedback from everybody who thinks it was extremely funny, well executed and instructive.

I ´m so impressed by your preparations; that we were able to get so much done in just one day and you kept the timetable to the letter.

Thank you for your fantastic energy and commitment.

– well done”!

Julie Tranberg Rasmussen
Executive Assistant to CVP and QPPV, Global Safety  Novo Nordisk A/S



“There was a lot of academic substance in the workshop. Not only were we made aware of the problems we have in our daily worklives but we were talking about how we can solve the problems through our work with the films. ”

Hans Christian Nedobrowsky, Head of Communications, UC SYD

D2i, design to innovate

D2i, design to innovate  
“It's a very different way of working. From being very academic and analytical, start working with your hands. Simply move your brain into your hands and work much more concretely. You´ll see some very different results. It is a way of working that is much more creative and much more physical ”.  

Thit Juul Madsen,

Director D2i, design to innovate

Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt

Business Academy Lillebælt  
“Tina provides a vibrant, creative and professional breath. 
It is a pleasure to work with Tina, who with a good sense of humor manages to excite up to 75 first year students . She juggles her knowledge within claymation with an eye for the individual's needs and level”. 

 Anni Grøndal, Assistant Professor, Department for Multimedia Design, Business Academy Lillebælt, Odense


LEGO, Corporate IT

"Fantastic teamworking exercise and great fun”

- Helle J. Sennov ,

DIRECTOR CIT OP-Project management .LEGO




inspirational claymation and stop motion